About Us

Our Brand
Aisosa Beads is a brand primarily dedicated to highlighting and embracing culture and body confidence. We aim to encourage all girls to practice self love by appreciating the way you look despite the pressures from society trying to persuade you otherwise.
We strongly support the agenda of 'empowered women empowering women' meaning we want to see ALL queens shine and if wearing a waist bead or one of our accessories can do this then we have achieved our mission.
Beads - The Origin
Beaded jewellery, especially waist beads, originate from African cultures (mainly West Africa). Waist beads have been historically worn to symbolise a number of things including femininity, growth/maturity into womanhood, heritage etc. but over time they have adapted to serve modern day purposes such as aesthetic and practical uses. 
This has today influenced the aim of our brand and encouraged us to provide waist beads to women across the world to promote confidence, unity and sisterhood.
'For the Culture'
We hold culture very close to our hearts and believe it is important to never forget your roots and always represent your culture, with pride and confidence. The Afro-Caribbean culture is so beautiful and we hope the accessories and waist beads we provide, help each of us to proudly represent our countries and cultures for many more years to come as we pass on this rich & precious heritage.
For the Girls...
Please remember: Women like you don't happen often. You are gold. Solid Gold. 
Join our squad and get your waist beads today because...
'ALL waists are BEAUTIFUL'